A Good Dental Education starts with

Regardless of the quality of the dental care you have received and even if you come in for a professional cleaning four times per year, your homework will always determine the health of your mouth.

Plaque bacteria are always in everyone's mouth. There are about 600 species of microorganisms - totaling trillions of bugs, that are in a normal healthy mouth. Within 24 hours of a professional cleaning or your own homework, the coating of plaque has reformed on your teeth. If it stays there, it makes acids and toxins that cause cavities, gum disease and in some cases, contribute to heart disease, strokes and kidney disease. The ONLY way to remove this plaque is to mechanically remove it with brush, floss or other devices that physically go in between the teeth to scrape the plaque off. Rinses DON'T work. Dietary supplements DON'T work. Wishful thinking DOESN'T work.

When you come in for your first visit, or at any routine cleaning visit, we go over your specific homework needs with you to help you keep your mouth healthy. This is the foundation of everything we do.